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Tips for Parents

They will have real fun playing with your children, interacting and learning english together. Here, some tips to play in a better way and make of MiniCity an amazing activity to spend family time. While playing do not forget: :

Use the “Help Card” to ask and answer questions related to buy and offer places, ask for prices, give instructions, etc.

Help your children say the words no matter they do not sounds perfectly at first. Gradually, they will improve pronunciation and understanding concepts.

Name every element of the game in English. Remember that if players name a place in their mother tongue, must pay a fine to the bank.

By using MiniCity money, players may also reinforce numbers and quantities again and again in English, because there will be a lot of exchange buying and selling stuff.

If you have doubts regarding pronunciation or words meaning, check the interactive MiniCity support from your computer, mobile or Tablet. Here you will find all words and concepts related to the game.

Enjoy MiniCity!