minicity characters

The Game

Minicity board game.

It consists of a colorful and vibrant circular board where you can move from the launch of a dice. Players start at the Bank, then passing through different places and stores in the miniature city. They can buy all the places and adding workers and products related to every place or shop. And all in English!

Every time players stop at the social media icons, they receive “social media messages” through the messages cards and get ready for different surprises and actions to do at MiniCity. They can be lucky, or not so much!

Players can role play to “work” as a bank teller or a realtor while playing. Also, they can use Minicity cars and taxi, if getting some of the lucky messages.

Since players must speak English while playing (otherwise pay a fine) using key words and useful expressions to ask and answer, they can use the “help card” in order to check pronunciation and key concepts that help to understand messages too, and of course, learn English.

And finally, if players need to know how to pronounce some words, they can go to the interactive online support (for computers, mobiles and tablets) which is the exact game but digital with every audio related to MiniCity learning. So, players can play by themselves without any English teacher next to them all the time.

Are you ready to play MiniCity?


Enjoy with your friends, classmates, teachers and family a fun game adapted to learn english with others.

Explore this Mini City, buying stores, public, cultural and leisure places, hiring the necessary personnel and acquiring the most important elements for each place.

Make money from products, visits, and some wild cards in the city.

The player with the most places and most money at the end of the game will be the winner.